Organic Cold Pressed E.V. Coconut Oil 500ml Forest Wholefoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a wonder balm inside and out. This Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is harvested from organic plantations in Sri Lanka. These bountiful coconut farms offer employment to local people, particularly women. These locals work close to home as lab technicians, accountants and cleaning personnel. We are so happy to know that these coconut oil comes from an ethical source which offers support to the local community. Coconuts grow all year round so the standard of our coconut oil remains high throughout the year. The mature coconuts (or drupes) are cut down by hand using a machete. The outer husk is then removed and burnt for fuel. The white fleshy kernel inside is separated to be washed. This coconut oil is produced from fresh, moist coconut meat which is cold pressed manually to produce the finest raw, organic extra virgin coconut oil. Cooking: If you want to try cooking with coconut oil then you have made a great choice as saturated fats remain stable at high temperatures. The molecules in the oil are stable enough to withstand heat without becoming oxidised. This means that you can fry and roast with coconut oil without having to worry about denatured fatty acids. Hair and Body: If you love having natural skin and hair products then coconut should have a place in your bathroom as well as your kitchen. It is a perfect base for hair and face masks, is a great all round moisturiser and even works as make up remover! Ingredients: Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Origin: Sri Lanka Allergy Information: Packed in a premises that handles gluten, tree nuts, sesame, soya, peanuts.

Organic Cold Pressed E.V. Coconut Oil 500ml Forest WF

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