Nemi Tea - Green Tea  - Loose Tea 125g

Nemi Tea - Green Tea - Loose Tea 125g


Sencha is a delicate steamed green tea with a mild taste and attractive softness that sets it apart from the more commonly-seen roasted green teas. Nemi source their teas from the hills of Zhejiang province in the east of China where the August heat and hillside mists create an ideal tea-growing environment. They have also captured this delicately leafed Sencha in biodegradable tea pyramids to give you a rich cup of green tea, with a continual but gentle breath of smooth sweetness.


Nemi Tea

  • All teas are Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

  • London based tea company

  • Provide employment to refugees and % of profits donated to refugee projects

  • Teabags are 100% plastic-free.

  • Packaging is biodegradable - both the cello-bags used to keep the teabags and the tubes boxes.

  • Tubes are made of food-grade and are meant to be refilled at COMMON or up-cycled to be used as a pen-stand, to keep your tooth-brushes or even keep your paint-brushes!


Brewing instructions

Place a tea spoon OR a tea bag into a tea cup, brew for 3-4 minutes in 90° water according to your preferred strength. Serve black or add milk and sugar according to taste.



Green sencha.