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We love Guppyfriend™ Washing Bag. The bag is specifically designed to protects synthetic garments from releasing harmful microfibres in to the environment and is a scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution from washing.


Synthetic garments release tiny plastic fibres in to your washing machine which then find their way in to the world's oceans and waterways, taking centuries to decompose accumulating bacteria and pollutants. 

The Guppyfriend reduces fiber shedding and protects your clothes by filtering the few fibers that do break and doesn’t lose any fibers itself. This single comparment washing bag is made from 100% polyamide and can be recycled. The inside is slick and the clothes in the bag undergo less mechanical stress and less friction with other clothes, leading to decreased fibre loss and significantly increasing the lifetime of your garments. After washing simply collect the fibers and dispose them of properly in your household bin. It’s a daily reminder to change our buying habits and washing rituals. 


Outdoor Industry Gold Award 2016 Winner.

Colour: White
Caution: Do not overfill. Not for use in a tumble dryer. Avoid sunlight/ do not dry in the sun. Not for use above 95 degrees. Do not iron. Avoid zips, anything sharp may harm the material.
Contents: 1 washing bag
Measures 50 x 70 cm
Weight Details: 79 g
Material: Apart from the zipper, the bag is entirely made of Polyamide 6.6. The material is untreated, undyed, and does not contain any additives.

Gubbyfriend - Wash Bag