Assembly 200g Single Origin Beans / El Carmen in Pitalito

Assembly 200g Single Origin Beans / El Carmen in Pitalito


The Assembly Espresso, is incredbly popular at Common and what keeps are loyal customers coming back every morning.

Characterised by clean sweetness but with a rich and balanced body - equally enjoyable either as espresso or with milk.


Association — El Carmen Region — Pitalito, Huila, Colombia.

Producer — Pitalito Smallholders

Process —Washed

Varietal — Caturra, Castillo

Altitude — 1400 - 2100masl


El Carmen in Pitalito was the first case of Raw Material's Red Association initiative being implemented in Colombia and has proven its value to the extent that the same concept is now in place all over the country. In this model Raw Material offer fixed high prices for smallholder farmers based on a profit above the real cost of production for the farmer, rather than being anchored to commodity coffee prices. In addition the model assists farmers in reaching profitable quality scores by investing in resources and equipment to be shared communally for coffee processing.


Tastes like: Syrupy milk chocolate. Red Berries. Rich.